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Spa therapies have been known to be excellent for treating many health problems people might have as well as for rejuvenating and revitalizing one's body since time immemorial. The same facts have remained present today since numerous people enjoy these kinds of treatments, bettering their overall health and well-being.

What is Thalassotherapy?

Thalassos, in Greek, means sea and, therefore, thalassotherapy, stands for using seawater in order to treat various conditions. Seawater is rich in many nutrients like magnesium, potassium, calcium sulphates and sodium, and, by getting exposed to it, our body can absorb these elements and benefit from them greatly. Thalassotherapy also uses mud, sand, algae and similar obtained from the sea as parts of its treatment.

However, since the seawater cannot last for long when isolated, it is best to seek thalassotherapy spas which are located near coastlines. Depending on the disease and preferences of the person visiting thalassotherapy spas, there are special treatments designed for hypertension patients, people with arteriosclerosis, asthma, bronchitis, muscle atrophy, sleeping disorders, back problems, cellulite and many other conditions.

Different Variants of Thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy encompasses more treatments than one. One of these is ionization, which is, basically, the process of using seawater which has been ionized with negative ions, for inhalation. This is a great way of treating numerous respiratory problems.

Also, we have hydromassage, performed by a professional masseuse in a tub or a pool and balneotherapy, which is underwater massage performed by using jets of water. Vinothérapie is an interesting implementation of wine and grape extracts combined with seaweed, mud or algae, applied through massaging in order to better one's blood circulation. Finally, there are mud, algae and seaweed therapies which are applied through thermal water.

As for the massage types implemented in thalassotherapy spa treatments, there are plenty to choose from, adopted from many parts of the planet.One of the most popular herbal oil massages is Ayurvedic Abhyanga, where you are treated by two masseuses working together. Alternatively, you can opt for barefoot massages where no oils are used. If a specific joint or muscle group is bothering you, deep tissue massage is the right choice. As for relaxation and treatment of many different health problems, Chinese foot therapy can do the trick, since this traditional approach heals any of our organs through special points on our feet. Additionally, hot stone massage and neuromuscular therapy are there to reduce pain, tension and any kind of troubles you might be experiencing.

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