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Paranoid schizophrenia is amental disorder that needs a life long treatment. There may be some points inlife where the condition seems to have disappear, and the patients may thinkthat the illness is cured, but even then the treatment must be continued. Themedications effective in treating paranoid schizophrenia are those that areused for every kind of schizophrenia, and they are beneficial in a sense that aperson is more functional and more satisfied with her or his life. There can bemany experts involved in the treatment of this condition but the main is apsychiatrist. Besides, you can choose to go to psychotherapy, so your therapistwill also be an important person in the treatment. The support of the familyand friends is of high importance. There are several options for the treatmentof paranoid schizophrenia, and medicines are the most commonly used one.Different medications can be prescribed but they all belong to the group ofantipsychotics. Anxiolytic drugs and antidepressants are also used, if needed.The treatment is adjusted for every patient individually and the effects ofthe treatment may not be visible right away; it may take some time formedications to start to work. There is also a possibility that some drugs arenot beneficial for every patient and in those cases doctors should change thetherapy. It is important to know that stopping the medication therapy can causesymptoms to reappear.

There is a chance that thesemedications may cause some unwanted effects. Therefore, the patient should bevisiting doctor more frequently in order to control his or hers healthcondition. It is important to talk to your doctor about all the drugs you areusing, because of the possible interaction with antipsychoticmedicines. Paranoid schizophrenia can be treated with psychotherapy butthat does not mean that medication therapy is not necessary. Psychotherapy canbenefit patients functioning in society, and it can be performed individuallyor with family members. It will help the patient to struggle with the symptoms to understand the importance of taking medications regularly and to fight thestigmatization of those with this kind of disorder.

Sometimes when the symptomsworsen dramatically, it may be necessary for the patient to stay in thehospital until the condition is stabilized. Electroconvulsive therapy is alsoused in the treatment of paranoid schizophrenia, since the practice showed thatthis kind of therapy is helpful in some conditions and one of them is paranoidschizophrenia. There is some training, such as social or vocational which isused for the patients who suffer from this condition to learn to maintainhygiene, cook, and communicate with others more effectively. At last there are injections with long lasting effect that can be used in the treatmentalso.

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