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Strikingly red and disgusting zit can cause much inconvenience especially in cases where it is important to leave a good first impression such as first date, job interview a job that involves direct contact with people or photographing for personal documents. Each time a person looks at this photo from which the huge and ugly zit keeps experiences the mini stress.

There are numerous methods to rapidly remove zit with but it should be noted that people have different skin types so there is no universal method that will suit everyone. Therefore it is necessary to try different ways to find one that best suits to a particular person. Person must also be careful when using different techniques since the zit that has emerged as a result of acne can cause serious damage to the skin and scars that require medical intervention.

Below will be explained a procedures which are very quick easy and effective ways to remove the zit.

In the first place the toothpaste applies on the zit before going to sleep. It should draw pus from zit on its surface. Then in the morning it is necessary to make a hot compress and immersing the towel in hot water. Towel is necessary to keep on the pimple until the pores are open which easier pressing out the zit. Zit should not be squeezed but gently pressed the skin beside a pimple to excrete manure. If there are problems with puss extrusion zit can be punctured with sterilized needle.

Another way to quickly remove zit involves making a mixture of one spoon of honey and teaspoon ground cinnamon which is gently rub over the zit. Like toothpaste this mixture is also left overnight to act. In the morning implements the same procedure described above.

The next method is also very popular. It includes cleaning the affected area with warm water and soap for acne. Then a home product that involves pouring a dozen drops of tea tree oil in the boiling water prepares. When this mixture is cooled take the towel and soaked in it and applied on the zit. Towel keeps on the pimple until it forms a white head. Then, the zit eliminates on the already known manner. After its elimination it is necessary to re-wash the area with soap and water and dry by gently patting with towel.

Numerous experiences have shown that these methods gave good results in the rapid zit removal greatly facilitating everyday activities and special occasions.

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