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Toddlers and drama go together, and most toddlers make a drama about washing their hair at some point. Is yours afraid of the water, shampoo in her hair, or worried about tangled hair too? Or perhaps, just enjoying the "no game"? Overcoming toddler hair-washing dramas is not easy at all, but we have some tips for you.

Preventing painful eyes

This is the most obvious one, though logical explanations probably won't make your dramas melt away by the time your child thinks shampoo will cause pain. Toddler hairwashing caps, with a large rim that aims to avert the water and shampoo, may appeal to a little one and could persuade him or her to try hair washing again. Holding a towel in front of their eyes is a simpler solution, as is just closing their eyes (if they can manage). Mild shampoos are essential here.


If you have been shampooing and conditioning, cut the torture in half by eliminating conditioner for a while, or buying a two-in-one product. It is possible to buy leave-in conditioners if you want.

Involve them

If your hair-washing problems are based on a power struggle, letting your toddler wet his hair and put the shampoo in his own hair could make a big difference. Trying it certainly won't do any harm. Of course, he'll still have to allow you to wash the shampoo out.

Peer pressure

I've dealt with toddler hair-washing dramas twice now, with two different kids. It lasted a lot longer with my firstborn, and I know why. She didn't have an older sibling to show her how big kids can have their hair washed without making a fuss, and that it's actually not that bad at all if you just close your eyes and hold your head back. If your current drama king or queen has a sibling who is a little older, use that to your advantage :).

Give it time

Ultimately, like everything else with toddlers, time is the cure for refusal to wash hair. My five year old is fine with washing her hair now, and her brother is also on his way there. This, too shall pass!

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