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Chemotherapy and Hair Loss

Since chemotherapy is meant to destroy cancer cells which are developing rapidly, it also gets rid of our hair cells. Thus, once under this kind of therapy, one usually loses all of his/her hair. However, once the treatment is done, one's hair is able to grow back. However, this hair is usually not the same as it was before. Since the follicles and the hair cells are not completely restored yet, they might produce hair which is more susceptible to damage, lighter in color and different in shape than it was before. Still, with proper care and patience, a person's previous hair quality can be somewhat restored in the near future.

Steps for Restoring Hair Quality after Chemotherapy

The first thing you need to do is to reduce the frequency of shampoo usage. Namely, you are to wash your hair with shampoo only twice a week. Then, you are to do it gently, massaging your scalp and, thereby, removing any dead cells which might have accumulated in the area. After washing you hair with a shampoo for sensitive, dry or damaged hair, you are to apply a conditioner.

Once you are done with washing it, do not wipe your hair violently, by using a towel or any other material. Rather, wrap your hair in a towel and let it dry this way, keeping damage to a minimum. The same goes for blow drying since you are not to use this method, but let your hair dry naturally.

Of course, using any hair chemicals like dye, bleach and similar is out of the question for, at least, six months. Afterwards, if you feel you need to do some hair coloring, make sure you do not go overboard with it, damaging your beautiful, regenerated hair. That being said, ironing, curling and other methods like these should not be practiced as well. You should be careful even when you brush or use hairpins.

Finally, there are special shampoos or topical medications which can make your hair grow faster, especially during these kinds of periods. So, you might ask your doctor about them. Still, no matter what you do and all the care you invest into your hair, it may continue falling out. However, do not get discouraged in such cases, since this is normal and your hair will develop eventually, even though it might take a while.

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