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Sore throat in toddler

A toddler may be affected by a sore throat,which is caused by one of the many different viruses, including those who cause the flu or simple cold. A sore throat in toddlers may be caused by a virus or bacteria, but also certain irritants in the air, such as the smoke of the cigarettes, animal dander, dust and pollen. It is recommended to take the child and go to a doctor if the symptoms of sore throat appear, in order to avoid and prevent potential complications. If the sore throat is left untreated, it may happen that the infection spreads out to the different parts and organs in the body.

The most common symptom of sore throat in toddlers is bright red and swollen throat flecked with pus. The child usually has difficulty swallowing. Furthermore, the child breathes very hard and cannot open wide the mouth. If your child's throat looks nasty or if he can't swallow easily, open wide, or breathe without difficulty, you should call the doctor right away.

Natural cures for sore throat in toddlers

If the sore throat is caused by a viral infection, the treatment is not necessary because the immune system itself will fight these viruses in a week almost. However, it is recommended to drink a lot of fluids and rest. In the case of the sore throat, that is caused by a bacterial infection, the doctor usually prescribes some antibiotics. Bacterial and viral infections are very contagious, therefore it is recommended to wash the hands frequently. Furthermore, the cups and utensils should not be shared.

To relieve the pain that sore throat cause in toddlers, warm beverages should be consumed. A cold glass of apple juice, or a bowl of ice cream, or popsicles are very effective in reducing the symptoms of this disease. If toddlers experience a strong pain, a medicine ibuprofen should be used. Moreover, the air must be moistening in order to sooth the pain in the throat. Therefore, it is recommended to use a cool mist vaporizer or humidifier in the toddler’s bedroom. It is also recommended to rinse the mouth with salt water. It can be very unpleasant, but also, on the other hand, very beneficial for the healing of the sore throats. Furthermore, a toddler that suffers from the sore throat should use a sore throat spray or a mixture of Benadryl, maalox, and viscous lidocaine. This solution should be used to rinse the mouth and the throat and then it should be spitted out.

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