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Introduction to Stretches for Getting Taller

For a long time, people dissatisfied with their height or for that matter, lack thereof, were never presented with a chance or program to do something about it. Now a detailed and carefully thought out plan is available and, it will strengthen the core muscles, improve one’s posture and encourage the body to produce more growth hormones to be released into the bloodstream.

The most effective exercises that make the body increase the levels of growth hormones being produced are cycling, sprinting and swimming, but one of the most useful exercises that one can perform in order to become taller is stretching and its many forms and types.

The most important effect stretching can have on one’s body is stronger abdominal muscled, as well as a stronger back. Stronger muscles help thicken the cartilage in the spinal column and thus lengthen the spinal column and consequently the height. It is important to partake in a variety of different stretching exercises so as to keep the whole body moving thus making it flexible which in turn makes cartilage and bones more receptive to growth.

Recommended stretches

HANGING – Gravity keeps the body in an upright and vertical position which compresses the spine and the joints, thus making the body shorter. Hanging allows the weight of your lower torso stretch the spine. It is important to hang from a horizontal bar that is high enough so the body can fully extend, or at least so one can hang with their knees bent. It is just important that the feet don’t touch the ground and that the top part of the body is extended. Also, it is important to make sure that the palms are facing away from the person hanging. As well as that, it is crucial to keep the arms, shoulders and hips as relaxed as possible. One should try to hold on for at least 20 seconds and then repeat as soon as possible.

DRY LAND SWIM – This exercise starts with a person lying flat on their stomach with the whole body fully extended. Arms should be extended in front of the person and the left one should arm should be raised higher than the right one. The legs should also be extended straight and then the right leg should be raised as high as possible and then held in that position for at least 4 seconds. The goal is to be able to hold the leg in the highest position for as long as 20 seconds in the end.

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