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Even though you might not know this, a great number of people are not satisfied with their height. Namely, they spend their days fearing that they might be short. Tall people do not understand this phobia, but it is widely present in the world nevertheless. Shortness can trigger many personality issues people may have significant troubles dealing with.

The Impact of Being Short

Apart from the physical deficiency that short people have to face, being less compatible with the world, they also face self-confidence issues and have trouble asserting themselves. This can have a catastrophic impact on one’s life and may affect his/her work, relationships and many other aspects of existence.

Fortunately, short people can increase their height naturally. The following lines will show you how.

How to Increase Your Height Naturally?

The main aspects of height improvement are exercise and proper nutrition. Starting with exercising, in order to improve your height you need to boost your core muscles and your core strength. This involves your abdominal muscles and back muscles.

Believe it or not, you can find all the necessary equipment you need in the privacy of your home and you never have to go to the gym in order to exercise and become taller. You need to perform sets of sit ups and press ups on a daily basis in order to get you going. This will improve your overall body stability and the tone of your core muscles. Once you get the hang of it, you will realize that your posture is better and that your spinal column is straighter, making you taller.

You can start with 10 repetitions of each of these exercises and then advance gradually in time, moving it all up a notch. However, do not go overboard and keep your muscles safe from injury.

The next item on the list is resting. We need rest in order for our body do grow and develop itself. When you sleep enough during the night, you are bound to be more aware during the next day and be more productive in whatever you do, including your exercises.

Finally, you need to provide yourself with the necessary energy for proper growth. Thus, eat healthy, natural food on a regular basis. Avoid overeating and consume food in smaller quantities but more frequently. Have a balanced diet and this will reflect on your height as well.

All in all, once you combine these three elements you will have all you need in order to grow taller and never be bothered by fear of being short anymore.

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