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Being tall was always considered to be more advantageous than being short. Therefore, people have been striving to get taller for ages. This feature is connected with self-esteem and with confidence. Thereby, it is only understandable why countless individuals are not satisfied with their height at the moment and would like to change this. Fortunately, this is possible, through physical and mental development. The process is not easy, but it is effective.

Before You Grow...

Growing taller is possible only to a certain extent. Namely, if you do not have genetic predispositions for being tall, and both of your parents are of average height, you do not have much to look forward to in this respect. Thus, stay realistic and cherish what you have. Nevertheless, know that nutrition and exercising, combined with a healthy attitude can make all the difference in the world, when it comes to your height.

How Can You Grow Taller?

Stretching is the type of exercise you need in order to grow taller. Our height heavily relies on our spine and the length of our bones. While the bones in our legs finish their growth after our puberty, our spine does not share these qualities. Rather, through exercising properly, you can trigger growth in your spine, increasing your height significantly. Strengthening your core muscles is helpful in this process as well, along with improving your body posture. All these factors together will cause you to look, feel and be taller than before.

Next, you need to pay attention to the food you consume daily. Concentrate on providing your body with enough calcium and proteins, since these stimulate bone growth and may contribute to your height. Also, legumes, eggs and other protein rich foods, stimulate the production of the human growth hormone, which can make you taller. Yet, do not neglect other minerals and vitamins. If you are not sure which types of food to consume, consult with your doctor or nutritionist.

Finally, you have to pay attention to the lifestyle you are leading. If you want your body to grow, you need to provide it with sufficient sleep. Therefore, consider 8 hours a day to be the minimum for sleeping. On the other hand, do not grow overboard, but sleep up to 10 hours every day.

Naturally, the changes will not take place overnight. Rather, you have to work hard and stay persistent in maintaining a proper lifestyle. Only then will you be capable of growing up to 4 inches over a period of time.

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