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Bloated face facts

A bloated face can be an indication that something is really wrong, not only an embarrassment to those who bear it.

Bloated Face Causes

A bloated face is an indication that something is not right with the body's system. A bloated face can happen to someone for several reasons.

One of them is facial edema. Water retention in a person can cause a bloated face. A problem like this can happen because of an allergy to a medicine, such as birth control pills. It can also be caused by specific types of food and beverage. Also, sunburn can cause a bloated face as well.

An unhealthy intake of carbohydrates can lead to a bloated face. Carbs can cause water retention as well, which is another reason for a face to bloat up. Overdoing it with salt has the same result.

Dehydration is one of the causes as well. When there is not enough water in a person's body, the brain is signaled to retain the remaining fluids in the body in order to compensate for the lack of fluids. Hence, the blood vessels overfeed and that leads to a bloated face. Alcohol ingestion will lead to dehydration as well.

A bloated face can be caused by a lack of proper nutrition as well. If a diet does not have enough Vitamin C or beta-carotene, it will make the body to retain water. Also, if a diet is high in fats, a person will end up with a bloated face because of water retention.

Obesity is a different cause. It does not “sneak up” on a person, for she or he must be aware of their own weight. And since being overweight has a direct effect on a person's body, it will lead to a bloated face.

Bloated Face Remedies

It is always best if a person finds out what caused a bloated face. A person should start drinking water the moment he or she sees the puffy face, because it may be caused by dehydration. Also, a person should check the diet to see if it is rich with vitamin C. Tea and coffee should not be drank so much. It will help with getting rid of the excess water. A person should ease up on alcohol. An ice pack placed on the face should help right away and reduce the swelling. Tea is known to have antioxidants and since they help the bloated face in getting back to a normal appearance, a person should put hot tea bags on the face. Potatoes and cucumbers mixed with milk and honey can also be applied to the face and kept there for 15 minutes. If a bloated face is a result of an allergic reaction, a person should take medications.

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