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Everyone ages and the most obvious outward indicators of the aging process are our faces. Aging is a process that cannot be stopped, but we can at least try to control the outward appearance of this process through various methods. Getting a face lift is on the methods that many people try in order to do so. So, is it better to opt for a surgical or non-surgical approach to face lifts?

Pros and Cons of Surgical Facelifts

Surgical face lifts have both benefits and drawbacks, both of which need to be examined. Many people achieve excellent results through the use of surgical face lifts, and as a result the process is growing in popularity. Loose skin is tightened, making the face look taut and giving the appearance of youth. Any unnecessary remaining skin is taken off to enhance the look. However, like every surgical procedure, getting a face lift can involve potential risk. Some people experience extreme pain after getting a surgical face lift - although most people suffer only minor pain in the aftermath of the operation. Other risks include bruising, swelling and scarring. Bruising and swelling will usually recede after a few weeks, but scarring can be permanent.


There are, however, alternatives to this approach. These alternatives generally come without any side-effects and thus are risk free in terms of pain and other similar problems.

Wrinkle creams are a possible alternative to surgical face lifts, but results can be mixed. Some are good, some are not-so-good, it's that simple. Thus it is recommended to thoroughly research the cream you are buying - look for proof of clinical research, customer Testimonials and money-back guarantees. Try to find creams that will hydrate and "plump" the skin. In summary, wrinkle creams are cheaper but not always reliable alternatives to surgery.

There exists a diet, known as the Perricone diet, which claims to achieve the effects of a face lift in just three days. This diet involves eating fruits and vegetables, drinking a lot of water and eating wild salmon. The idea here is to detoxify - to get rid of all the harmful toxins that exist within one's body - which will hopefully lead to a general improvement in appearance and overall health.

The face contains muscles and, logically, facial muscles can be exercised as much as the other muscles in one's body. Exercising the facial muscles can help tighten skin, thus reducing wrinkles and improving blood circulation. Facial exercise can help make the face appear younger and healthier, and is a good way to take a non-invasive approach to improving one's appearance.

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