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Water Retention

Water retention is one of the most annoying problems that a person can be faced with. This text will talk about this problem and the ways in which it can be eliminated. Dealing with this disturbing problem will promote the reduction of weight, since the increase of body mass may be a result of the water retention. This is a problem that is created due to the lack of exercising and unhealthy nutrition, and it is a problem connected with the gathering of the fat. But this connection was made in the past. Today the problem is considered to be a result of water retention and excess water in the body. This is one of the possible causes, while the one from the previous times can also occur. Due to this condition people can experience limb or face puffiness in the morning, but also during other times of the day. For those who are attempting to reduce weigh fast, this is a very annoying and discomforting problem, which can be solved and we will see how.

Causes and Treatment

The most common cause of the water retention is dehydration. This sounds strange, but if there is not enough water, the body absorbs all the water we take and this leads to water retention. This further leads to the concentrated urine, which can be eliminated with taking enough of fluid, which will also help in avoiding retention of fluid and body mass reduction. The next possible cause is the hormonal problem. The body may suffer from imbalance of hormones and this can lead to water retention. Hypothyroidism is a good example of water retention due to hormonal imbalance. There are several problems associated with this thyroid gland deficiency condition, such as weight gain, lethargy, cold susceptibility, lowered basal metabolic rate and water retention. Excess water reabsorption can occur if the condition is accompanied by a problem with urine concentration hormones and this can lead to the retention of water as well.

Diet is another possible cause. Faulty diet can lead to water retention and this is a problem that people who are trying to lose weight by exercising and eating healthy suffer from. These people do everything they are supposed to do, but they look puffy faced and the weight is increasing instead of decreasing. One food ingredient that promotes water retention due to osmosis is salt, so try to avoid taking a lot of salt. Some deficiency problems may also lead to water retention. There are several other possible causes of water retention and weight gain, such as use of birth control pills, irregular menstrual periods and serious systemic diseases, such as heart and kidney failure. Try to reduce the water retention in your body and weight will start to decrease.

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