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Breast milk is the most natural and the healthiest food youcan give to your child. It contains all necessary ingredients for the growthand development of your child, and moms usually enjoy the time they spend breastfeedingtheir babies. Some women may experience problems with their milk supply. The reasonfor lack of milk or low milk supply can be separation from the baby because of work etc. or simply some medical disorders.

What is Fenugreek

Fenugreek or Trigonella foenum-graecum is a herb. Its leaves and seeds are used for their beneficial effects. The herb is native to Europe and Asia, and for thousandsof years it is used as the remedy to treat high fever, wounds or to increaseproduction of breast milk. This herb has been approved by the FDA (Food andDrug Administration) and as such, it is considered safe for human consumption.

How to Use Fenugreek in Lactation

Herbalists recommend using a cup of boiled water and half ofa teaspoon of fenugreek. Add the herb to the water, boil it and let it seep for 15minutes and then cool it down a bit. Drink the water with the seeds in it andchew the seeds. The dose should be used two times every day, and it isrecommended to use it in the morning and just before bedtime.

Fenugreek tea is also said to be helpful, but its less effective than the seeds are. Fenugreek can be of an unpleasant tastefor some women, but there is a solution for that problem too. These women areadvised to take capsulated fenugreek, to avoid its taste and smell. In mostcases, manufacturers of these capsules suggest taking three capsules per day. Capsulesusually contain about 600 mg of fenugreek. Some people advisewomen to take even up to six capsules every day.

There are also some powdered forms of fenugreek, and all ofthese products are believed to help women having problems with breast milksupply. Woman can choose the product and the form of fenugreek she prefers andshe won’t make a mistake. 3.5g of fenugreek should be a minimal daily dose, inorder to affect the milk supply, and anything less than that might not have anyeffect whatsoever.

Is Fenugreek Safe?

Although fenugreek is safe to be used, even in breastfeedingmoms, you should be aware that this herb can cause some side effects. These arenot serious problems, but they include: abdominal cramps, gasses or evendiarrhea. Sweat and urine can also start to smell like maple after theconsumption of fenugreek, and it can happen to both mother and the child. Diabeticpatients taking insulin should be very careful, for fenugreek can affect theirdose of insulin. Allergic reaction is also possible, especially in peopleallergic to peanuts or chickpeas.

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