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Most women wish to have as natural of a labor as possible. However, sometimes it is necessary to induce labor, for the medical reasons, or because a woman is past her due date and just cannot handle being pregnant any more and wishes to see the baby as soon as possible.

Labor can be induced by a medical procedure that is rather invasive so it is important to know that there are several different natural ways to induce labor.

Women should not try to induce their labor anytime before the 38th week or pregnancy.


It is impossible to induce labor in a natural way if a woman is not completely relaxed. There are so many different relaxation methods and each woman can choose the one that is right for her. Some women prefer warm bubble baths in candlelight, some go shopping with her best friend or treat themselves with a nice dinner, others go for acupuncture, acupressure and aromatherapy.

Visualization and meditation are also good options for women who wish to induce labor. Women should first relax and breathe in through the nose and then out through the mouth and then visualize a flower that is opening very slowly. They can also visualize the baby passing through the uterus to the outside world, calmly and gently.


It is believed that intercourse can induce labor, because the semen contains prostaglandins, hormones that participate in the start of the labor. It is advised to lift the legs up in the air after the intercourse to allow the semen to penetrate deeper inside and stay there for a while. Some women in the late stages of pregnancy are not exactly in the mood for sex but gentle foreplay can be effective as well. Nipple stimulation by the partner or placing a warm towel on the breasts will stimulate the release of oxytocin.

Bumping or swinging

Some women have claimed that they have succeeded in inducing the labor by swinging on a park swing or by riding the car on a bumpy road. These activities may slightly shift the baby into a position in the pelvis that is more suitable for labor. Taking a little walk or riding a bike may help as well.

Talking to the baby

Sometimes the start of the labor depends on the baby. He or she needs to feel welcome and loved so talking to the baby might help. Mothers usually tell them about their home, toys, grandparents, brothers and sisters, about the plans they made for them and how much fun they are going to have.

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