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So, you've decided to try for a baby? Most couples who decided to attempt to get pregnant are pretty excited about expanding their family, and they would love to conceive as soon as possible. You'll need to do a little more than have sex regularly to get pregnant real quickly. Here are some tips for you.

Quit the bad stuff Alcohol and cigarettes are bad for a fetus. Potentially, they're real, real bad. Look up the difference between a normal infant brain and one affected by fetal alcohol syndrome if you are curious. Alcohol during those first two weeks after conception, before a woman knows she is pregnant, can have a huge impact. If you're trying for a baby, quitting smoking and drinking will also increase your fertility whether you are a man or a woman.

Boost the good stuff Folic acid is the only vitamin that has been proven to help prevent serious birth defects. Beside that, folic acid also boosts male and female fertility. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is the best way to get all the rest of your vitamins and minerals, but there's nothing wrong with taking a prenatal multivitamin supplement either. Exercise is another thing you can do more of, to prepare for a fit pregnancy. And, I guess that sex can fall in the "good stuff" category as well. Of course, tracking your ovulation is really handy. We'll get there in a minute. But having sex two, three or four times a week throughout the month will keep the male partner's sperm count healthy and will give those who don't know when the woman's fertile window is the best chance of a fast pregnancy.

Now, something completely different No, not really. If you really want to get pregnant fast (like, yesterday), you've got to have a few tools in your toolbox. Though they work slightly differently, here's a selection of things you can do to find out (roughly or exactly, depending on the method) when you ovulate:

Ovulation calendar Charting to conceive Monitoring cervical mucus Looking out for other natural ovulation symptoms Ovulation tests

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