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Evening Primrose Oil, often known simply as EPO in alternative health circles, is an oil that comes from the flower Evening Primrose. Native to North America, Evening Primrose is rich in Vitamin E and gamma linolenic acid. Evening Primrose Oil has many health benefits and is prescribed by practitioners of herbal medicine for a great number of reasons. But this wonder herb can also increase your chances of getting pregnant.

How? Not everyone knows that cervical mucus is more than a passing annoyance. In fact, cervical mucus can be crucial to a women s odds of conceiving a baby. Cervical mucus that indicates fertility, and allows sperm to pass through to the fallopian tubes, is thin and white like egg whites. It allows sperm to stay alive for a maximum period of time, due to its structure and acidity. Cervical mucus that is thick, dry, brown or other colored and itchy could in fact prevent you from getting pregnancy, because it does not provide the right environment for sperm. This is where Evening Primrose Oil could come in handy. EPO has a positive effect on cervical mucus, because it replenishes gamma linolenic acids levels.

Furthermore, Evening Primrose Oil supplements could make your period a lot less crampy, and decreased any symptoms of Premenstrual Tension you might suffer from. What are you waiting for? Oh yes, that's right information about the dosage. Getting the dosage of Evening Primrose Oil right is of paramount importance if you want to increase your odds of conceiving a baby. It should only ever be used in the first half of your cycle, from your period until you ovulate. EPO has the ability of causing contractions, and is even used as a natural means to induce labor sometimes. That is why you need to pay close attention to your cycle, making sure you stop taking the supplement when your ovulation begins. You should take between 1,500 mg and 3,000 mg of Evening Primrose Oil a day, and no more. If you want to start taking EPO, but have some questions, perhaps it is best to drop in to see a local alternative health practitioner first.

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