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Ever since the women’s liberation movements and the sexual revolution, there has been much talk and greater interest in the famous G spot and in ways to successfully locate it. Some consider this spot to be a myth, but it most certainly is not. This part of female anatomy is definitely worth the effort and even though it can be difficult to find, once it is located, it is a source of great pleasure.

What is the G spot

The G spot is a small area, approximately one inch in diameter, located inside the vagina, one and a half or two inches up. It is located between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix and it can be felt through the front wall.

It is a very sensitive area, probably the most sensitive part of the vagina. It is not known for sure, if all women have it, but it is assumed that most of them do. The G spot is either a bundle of nerves, which is the obvious reason for its great sensitivity, or it is a gland or a series of glands whose purpose is lubrication.

This area is very sensitive to stimulation and for many couples it is the high point of love-making. The search for it can be a fun and exciting experience, especially if both partners are involved.

How to find the G spot

The level of difficulty in finding the G spot varies from woman to woman. It depends on her anatomy, on the level in which she feels comfortable with her own sexuality and also on the patience and effort a woman wishes to invest in the search. It is also worth mentioning that stimulating the G spot brings more pleasure to some women than to others. Each woman is different and it is completely normal if the G spot turns out to be less exciting than expected.

This spot is a very small part of the vagina and it should be looked for slowly and carefully, otherwise it can be missed. It is shaped like a small bean and it is located from 1.5 to 3 inches up in the vagina. It is located about halfway between the cervix and the back of the pubic bone.

It is recommended to be very relaxed when looking for the G spot. A warm bath or a massage can help. The woman should lay flat on her back, with her knees slightly elevated and at hip distance apart, feet flat on the bed.

It is best to use the middle finger to look for the G spot, because it is the longest finger. Because the G spot is planted inside the tissue of the vaginal wall, it is necessary to apply some gentle pressure against the upper wall. As soon as the right area is touched, it will start to swell, and it will feel spongy, unlike the rest of the tissue and it will instantly be clear that the famous G spot is found.

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