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Genital warts are quite unsightly skin changes that form in the genital area. They develop as a consequence of infection caused by human papilloma virus. The virus is transmitted via unprotected sex and affects both genders equally.

There are more than 70 types of human papilloma virus. Several of them are able to cause the infection in the genital area affecting the penis, vulva, urethra, vagina, cervix and the area around the anus. In many people there is an infection with human papilloma virus but the condition is asymptomatic, the person simply does not show clinical signs of the infection. This can be a serious problem since not having any symptoms or signs of the disease does not mean one is not infected. Such people tend not to use proper protection and easily spread the infection to their partners.

What do Genital Warts Look Like in Men?

Men suffering from genital warts usually develop typical skin changes on their scrotum or the penis, around the anus and sometimes in the urethra. Genital warts on the penis are generally smooth on the top and those that affect the anus are rough and have projections that protrude out and resemble fingers. Some of genital warts in men give off a pearly sheen and are darker in color. They also resemble cauliflower. In majority of cases genital warts in men stand well off the skin although they may be only slightly elevated. Detection of the warts may be difficult since they may hide under the pubic hair.

What do Genital Warts Look Like in Women?

Genital warts in women are similar to genital warts in men. The only difference is that they predominantly accumulate around the vagina since this genital area is rich in moisture. In case the woman has noticed genital warts around the vagina she is due to consult her gynecologist who will perform exam and determine whether other parts such as cervix are also affected by the warts. This is essential since genital warts of the cervix may cause cervical cancer. Female genital warts are pinkish, reddish or gray swellings. Apart from being located around the vagina in women genital warts also develop in the anal area and even inside the very anus. Similarly to genital warts in men even in women a collection of warts create cauliflower-like structures. The skin changes are usually accompanied by unpleasant symptoms such as burning or itching sensation and in some cases there is also bleeding from the skin changes.

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