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Chronic cervicitis

An inflammation of the cervix is called chronic cervicitis. Since it is a gynecological problem, only women may suffer from it. This is a problem that occurs quite a lot. According to certain studies, over 60% of all women in the world are affected by this gynecological problem. It occurs usually because of some bacterial infection like gonorrhea or prepartum or postpartum infections. When a woman is suffering from chronic cervicitis it is her lower genital tract that is affected. The cervix will get inflamed because of the infection. Some of the infections that may cause this to happen are sexually transmitted diseases, injury to the cervical tissue, birth control devices and in some cases even cancer. There is not only the chronic cervicitis, there is also the acute cervicitis and bacterial or viral infections which may lead to it. Unlike the chronic cervicitis, the acute one has recognizable symptoms and that helps with the identification and the treatment.

Chronic cervicitis causes

Genital herpes, chlamydia and gonorrhea are known causes of acute cervicitis. Causes of the chronic cervicitis are similar to those that cause an acute one. However, if acute cervicitis is not discovered and treated, a woman will end up with a chronic one. A woman who is diagnosed with diabetes or acute or recurrent vaginitis has a greater chance of ending up with cervicitis. Multiple sexual partners can also be the cause of cervicitis.

Chronic cervicitis symptoms

If a woman discovers that her vaginal discharge is either gray or yellow or that she experiences problems while urinating or having intercourse, then it is most likely that she is suffering from acute cervicitis. Apart from these symptoms, vaginal bleeding and spotting are also sure signs. On the other hand, chronic cervicitis is much harder to discover since its symptoms are unnoticeable. Acute cervicitis is one of the symptoms of a chronic one and so is a very light vaginal discharge. Hurting during the urination or intercourse are also possible signs of a chronic one. Chronic cervicitis treatment
First of all the doctor will need to know a person's medical history and probably will order a Pap smear test or give the vaginal discharge for culture. A biopsy of the cervix is performed from time to time. Once the doctor knows the diagnosis, he or she will be able to begin the treatment. In case of a mild cervicitis, some medications are usually prescribed. Cauterization is also a part of this treatment. Cryosurgery is another option. However, laser surgery is the method that most doctors recommend but it is not the cheapest one.

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