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In the process of sperm getting together with eggs, there are new cells get to be formed. The new formed cells are called embryo inside of endometrium, the inner women uterus’s walls. Embryo in the process of growing forms placenta provides embryo with blood. An early pregnancy may clear up ectopic pregnancy.

With normal pregnancy reproductive system of woman has

vagina uterus, two fallopian (narrow tubes, which connects ovaries and uterus) tubes two ovaries.

While ectopic pregnancy is the one where developing embryo does not attaches to the endometrial wall, but to some other surface, or to the abdominal wall, but most likely a fallopian tube. This is why this sort of pregnancy is called a tubal pregnancy. The embryo may attach to ovary or cervix or on a spot where the fallopian tube and uterus merges and then it is called an interstitial pregnancy.

There is also a heterotopic pregnancy that may happen to women who are taking infertility treatments. Some twin pregnancies may be having one embryo attached to an ectopic location and the other to uterus, which is really rare.

Ectopic pregnancy is possibly dangerous because embryo can not develop on a right way. This sort of pregnancy can rupture organ that embryo is attached to. Organ can bleed and cause the death of a woman. Of course, monitoring and treating ectopic pregnancy minimizing the risk of dangerous complications. Once ectopic pregnancy is diagnosed, treatment with medications or possible surgery needs to start ASAP.


Treatment is started as soon as a diagnosis of is confirmed, and includes either medication or surgery. Most treated women use methotrexate, to stop growth of the embryo, and it is done with intramuscular injection. Methotrexate is used with ectopic pregnancy that has no symptoms or pain and hCG level and ultrasound decreases under certain limits. If treatment with methotrexate fails woman may have tubal rupture.

The cramps and abdominal pain in such cases are eased with acetaminophen/Tylenol®, Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs ibuprofen/Advil®/Motrin® or Naprosyn/Naproxen®/Anaprox®. It is also recommended to monitor pregnancy once in a week, when a hCG levels need to be less then 10 mIU/mL, after which it is necessary to administrate a second dose of methotrexate, especially if on 7th day hCG level is not less for 25 %, in which case methotrexates doubles.

Surgery may be a treatment for ectopic pregnancy. If blood pressure falls and women’s condition with ruptured ectopic pregnancy becomes unstable, surgery may be the only solution. The surgery is called laparoscopy, and it is a procedure when instruments are pierced into the abdomen, via little incision. Laparoscopy instruments are used to control internal bleeding and often treat ectopic pregnancy by removing it. Fallopian tube is to be removed only in cases where women won’t have any more children.

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