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Birth control pills are a very effectivecontraceptive method in women and they are, therefore, widely used. However,before starting to use any specific contraceptive pill, a doctor should beconsulted because it is not so simple to choose the right pills. This type of pills can interact withcertain other medicines and they also may have several negative effects on thehealth of a woman.

When a woman decides to use birth control pills as a preventivemeasure from conceiving the pregnancy for the first time, she should bewell informed about the working of the pills, about their adverse effects and howthey should be used in order to be effective.

How does a contraceptive pill work?

We know that every month the women ovulate when themature eggs are let free from the ovaries. The egg goes to the fallopian tube andwaits a sperm as to be fertilized. Ovulation in women with normal menstrualcycle occurs on the fourteenth day of the menstrual cycle. In this time, thewomen are most fertile.

Contraceptive pills contain synthetic hormones whichprevent the ovaries to produce and release the eggs so that there is noting tobe fertilized and the woman cannot stay pregnant. But the working of thecontraceptive pills does not stop here. If the pill’s hormones did not workproperly in preventing the formation and release of the eggs, and if an egg wasfertilized after all, the pill then works on the cervix and wall of the uterus.The hormones of the pill make the cervix thicker than before, while theendometrium becomes thinner due to these hormones. In such state of cervix andendometrium, the egg cannot be implanted normally, and early abortion occurs.

Using the contraceptive pill for the first time

When a woman begins to take this way of protectionfrom unwanted pregnancy, she should also use certain additional contraceptivemethods until her body gets used to the contraceptive pill.

It is recommended to take the first birth control pillon the first day of menstruation on the first Sunday after the menstruation. Everyday just one pill should be taken, and it is advisable to take it always at the sametime of the day. While some packs of contraceptive pills have only 21 active pills, there are also those that contain 28 pills. These packs of 28 pills consist of21 active pills and 7 inactive pills. The women will soon discover that theyget their menstruation when they are on these inactive pills.

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