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Many women develop fibroid tumors even though they are not aware of it until they go on a regular check-up examination. Fibroids are the benign growths that appear on the uterine wall and they are also called myoma. Fibroid tumors may occur in the uterus, as well as on the surface of the uterus.

Causes of fibroids

It is important to discover the cause of the fibroids and then eliminate it in order to completely cure fibroids and prevent them from recurring. In the majority of cases, these benign growths are caused by the hormonal imbalance, especially by the significantly elevated levels of the hormone estrogen. This estrogen dominance usually happens as a consequence of taking contraceptive pills or obesity. Furthermore, high levels of estrogen can occur due to certain ingredients in cosmetics, exposure to pesticides, herbicides and polychlorinated biphenyls. Those women who take hormone replacement therapy are at high risk to increase the level of estrogen. Other causes for this disorder are constant stress, unhealthy diet and growth hormones found in meat and milk.

Natural cures for fibroids

When a woman discovers the main cause for the occurrence of the fibroids, she has to eliminate it. First of all, she has to change her lifestyle and diet. She should eat foods that cause the insulin rise because the insulin is the hormone that can control the estrogen. Therefore, white rice, white flour and sugar should be included into diet. Furthermore, it is important to avoid fried and highly processed food, but the consummation of alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes should be avoided, too. It is also recommended not to eat chocolate.

On the other side, the women with fibroids should eat dark leafy greens, lentils, beans and poultry, as well as seaweed. The diet should also contain fresh fruits. Those women who have problem with obesity should lose weight and maintain the healthy body weight. Many herbalists recommend several herbs that are very effective in curing fibroids. These herbs are Dong Quai, Black Cohosh and Chasteberry.

Detoxifying can be very helpful and it is recommended since many pollutants that are stored in the liver can have some similar features as estrogen. Thus detoxifying of the liver is highly advisable in order to eliminate these substances. It is also very important to manage stress, because this is usually the main cause of many disorders. It can cause hormonal imbalance in women and thus the occurrence of fibroids.

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