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Fibroid tumors

Those women who suffer from the fibroid tumors have to bear much distress and frustration because there are few effective treatments for this condition. Although there are some methods for treating fibroid tumors such as medicines or surgery, they are not so effective because fibroid tumors tend to appear again if the cause of their occurrence is not eliminated.

The most common symptoms of fibroid tumors are pain, discomfort and bloating. Furthermore, the women who suffer from this condition may also experience heavy and excessive periods and consequently anemia. Shortness of breath and constant feeling of being ill are also some of the sings of fibroid tumors.

Treatment of fibroid tumors

Fibroid tumors are not a very serious condition and many women leave them untreated, because in menopause they shrink by themselves. However, sometimes these fibroid tumors are so large that they should be treated and in such cases, many doctors recommend surgery and taking of certain hormones a month before. Since these hormones have many side effects, such as osteoporosis, thinning vaginal tissues and facial wrinkles, many women tend to opt for natural remedies for fibroid tumors.

Causes of fibroid tumors

There are many causes for the occurrence of this condition. One of the most commonly responsible for the growth of these benign tumors is the hormone estrogen, which is why women with high level of this hormone are more susceptible to developing fibroid tumors. Furthermore, since estrogen is produced in the fat cells, the women who have the problem with obesity are also likely to develop these benign tumors.

Natural remedies for fibroid tumors

Since the main cause of the fibroid tumors is high levels of estrogen, it is important to keep this hormone at normal level and maintain a healthy weight. Furthermore, detoxification is also a treatment that can be very effective and it is recommended since many pollutants stored in the liver can have some similar features as estrogen. Thus detoxification of the liver should be done in order to get rid of these substances.

It is also considered that the women who are susceptible to certain inflammatory disease are also at high risk to develop fibroid tumors. Therefore, the foods rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as oats, hops and cumin, should be consumed. When a woman suffers from fibroid tumors, before she opts for the surgery or hormonal treatment before it, she should first try to treat fibroid tumors with natural remedies.

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