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A benign growths placed in uterus’ thick wall is called uterine fibroids (leimyomas or myomas). It is very frequent cancer of women reproductive organs (the most often type), and it is very common with African-American women. Symptoms of Uterine Fibroids are often urination, constipation, pain during sex, heavy or prolonged period bleeding, and pain (or pressure) in the area of lower back and abdomen. But sometimes women with fibroids have no symptoms at all. The usual complications of uterine fibroids are anemia (caused by lack of iron due to a heavy period bleeding), decreased fertility and higher level of pregnancy complications.


Surgery for uterine fibroids is very aggressive and understands total hysterectomy, but most of women do not go for surgery, simply choosing treatment if the growth develops in time. Uterine fibroids develop pretty slowly. And waiting in such case is pretty suitable option because postponing surgery or treatment is always better choice. But in the period of waiting, women feel pain. Older women may wait more because their fibroids will change the size for about 35 % and are ready to be safely removed. Either way, looking for different alternatives is always useful. Different alternatives are of course natural treatments with no heavy surgeries.

Uterine fibroid tumors, myomas are the result of extra estrogen (too much estrogen). Estrogen stimulates their growth, and insufficient estrogen causes them to atrophy. Estrogen dominance is worse problem and is very well recognized by contemporary medicine. Many women in their mid thirties begin to have anovulatory (nonovulating) cycles. As they approach the decade before menopause, they are making less progesterone than they should, but still producing normal (or more) estrogen and they develop fibroids.

All signs of estrogen too extra. There is no drug that can prevent creating of uterine fibroids growth. Estrogen triggers enlargement of fibroids. But there are drugs that for a short period stop the ovaries to secrete estrogen. And these drugs have a dangerous side effects. There are painkillers like ibuprofen that can kill the pain linked to fibroids. And there are side effects of such like fluid retention, mood swings, headaches, hot flashes, too strong bleeding, bad sleeping, depression, muscle pain, osteoporosis, dryness and sexual problems.

Herb Medicines

But there are herbal remedies that can decrease a fibroid's size. And there are natural herbs that can prevent developing uterine fibroids and remove them before they start to grow. Sometimes just a right diet can reduce size. Natural remedies can trigger natural healing and help body to remove uterine fibroids for good. Using regular drugs includes side effects that can cause infertility. It is always much better to turn to a natural holistic herbs.

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