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Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are being tumors, usually located in the wallsof the uterus. In most cases, women having problems with uterine fibroids are experiencingmore or less unpleasant symptoms, but this condition might go unnoticed and without the any apparent symptoms. Most commonly, women complain about heavy periods andbloated feeling. This is not a serious condition and it doesn’t present a lifethreat, but sometimes it can cause pain. Because of that, many women decide totreat these benign tumors.

Other symptoms of uterine fibroids include spotting betweentwo periods, pain during the intercourse, back pain, urinary problems, anemiaand lumps in the abdomen. In some rare cases uterine fibroids are known toaffect the potential pregnancy.

Scientists haven’t been able to identify the exact cause offibroid in the uterus. Most doctors agree that the theory about hormonalimbalance is most likely to be true. Some others claim that the reason for uterinefibroids is excessive estrogen development.

Natural Treatment for Uterine Fibroids

Fibroids are often treated with NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatorydrugs) and oral contraceptives, to decrease the bleeding and the pain. Thereare also some hormone devices and substitutes to control fibroid problems, butall these treatments can cause side effects. When it comes to the UnitedStated, fibroids are frequently the reason for hysterectomy. In order to avoidside effects and surgery, many women turn to natural fibroid therapy. Thesetreatments require some time until they completely cure the signs and symptomsof uterus fibroids, so be patient.

The naturopaths often recommend blackstrap molasses to womensuffering from fibroids in the uterus. It is advised to take one to twotablespoons of the molasses every day. You can use it with or without water,and some prefer taking it in a glass of milk. Blackstrap molasses should reducethe size of the fibroids and also affect positively the potential anemia.

Soy beans are also recommended for this condition. Use fermentedsoy beans once a day, and after some time you should experience decrease of thefibroid symptoms. You can use fermented soy beans as they are or take them in apill, they will all have the same beneficial effect.

Some suggest the food which would decrease the production ofestrogen, which include: Romaine lettuce, artichokes and grapefruits.

Use only water that has no pollutants (filtered water),since environmental pollutants can also negatively affect the fragile hormonalbalance in the body.

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