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Constipation is one of those unfortunate pregnancy signs that a great many pregnant women experience. When you are expecting a baby, the digestive system slows down, which can cause constipation. There is no need to wait for it to happen as a powerless victim, however, and once you are already constipated, there are a lot of things you can do to make the suffering stop too. We've gathered some herbal remedies to fight pregnancy constipation for you.

Preventing is better than curing

The first thing you should do to help prevent pregnancy constipation is drink plenty of clear liquids. Water, herbals teas, fresh juices and smoothies, and soups can all contribute to the functioning of the digestive system. Proper hydration is essential during pregnancy for so many reasons, and preventing constipation can be added to the list. Some women also find that white flower products make them constipated, so replacing them with whole-grain versions is worth a try. And again, getting exercise and making sure you are physically active is good for many things, but it also helps your digestive tract stay on track.


Prune juice is a well-known cure for constipation. Maple syrup and figs have much the same effect. Bran, in combination with water, can also help to fight constipation. Without an adequate intake of liquids, some herbalists say that bran can in fact worsen the problem though, so take note of that. Fresh greens are another recommendation to cure constipation. Violet leaves are said to be particularly effective. You can make an infusion and use it throughout the day, and see if there is any improvement. Constipation is certainly annoying. Hopefully, with these tips, you will be a step closer to eliminating (Yes! Give me points for the cheesy pun!) hard and painful bowel movements during your entire pregnancy.

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