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The question of how to cure pregnancy sickness, also known as morning sickness and pregnancy nausea, is a common one in the first trimester. It is completely unnecessary to mention that feeling sick all the time is not very pleasant, and vomiting is even more so. Of course, not every pregnant woman vomits because of pregnancy sickness, but feeling nauseous is an extremely common complaint. Is there any cure for pregnancy sickness? What can you do to feel better during your first trimester of pregnancy?

Curing pregnancy sickness altogether is not very realistic, though there are several remedies against it that some women find helpful. Natural remedies that provide some women relief from pregnancy sickness include ginger and lemon in various forms (teas, herbal infusions, tablets, or raw), eating often but small meals, and starting the day with dry crackers. Some women have luck with finding out what foods, smells, or other things trigger their nausea, and making sure that they stay away from their individual triggers. For pregnant women who experience pregnancy sickness and vomiting that is severe enough to cause serious dehydration, hospitalization is the final resort. Bed rest and IV fluids ensure the health of the mother and unborn baby.

Others, who experience significant morning sickness but not enough to warrant hospitalization can be prescribed anti-nausea medication. If you are not pregnant yet, don't let stories like these frighten you! Most women only have a little nausea, and cases requiring bed rest and hospital stays are very rare indeed. While you are hanging above the toilet, remember that morning sickness is no more than an annoyance. Some research even indicates that vomiting in pregnancy is a good sign you are cooking a strong and healthy baby! Also, for most women, pregnancy sickness is reduced or disappears altogether when they enter the second trimester of their pregnancies.

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