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There is a whole range of peculiar medical problems that may arise during pregnancy. One of them is a situation where a woman suddenly gets acne on her back. This article will try to provide valuable info on the condition, why it appears and how it can be treated.

Acne itself is a medical issue that occurs very frequently and what is more it can very easily get worse during gravidity. Certain pregnant women will get acne when they get pregnant although they have never previously suffered from this problem. On the other hand, future mothers that have had acne prior to the pregnancy frequently complain that this condition worsens during gravidity. The places where acne is most likely to appear are face, back, and chest. Dealing with back acne may be the trickiest for women due to the fact that it is not so easy for a woman to reach them on her own.

Culprits behind acne in gravidity

A change in the level of hormones while the woman is pregnant is one of the main culprits behind the appearance of acne. During the first three months of the pregnancy, the level of the hormone called progesterone soars tremendously. This change very frequently provokes increased production of sebum in the skin, in special glands set just below the skin. Sebum per se is a beneficial matter in the skin, since it serves the purpose of preventing dehydration of the surface of the skin. However, when it is produced in surplus, it mixes with dead skin cells and blocks pores in the skin, resulting in acne.

How to cure acne in pregnancy

There are already many solutions and remedies that can offer removal of acne, to a lesser or greater extent. However, pregnant women usually tackle this problem differently from women who are not gravid. For instance, what expectant females frequently worry about is whether the medication for acne can in any way harm the baby. Luckily, at a woman’s disposal there are different home solutions that are efficient in fighting back or chest acne, and which have no side effects.

Proper hygiene is one of the crucial factors. The pregnant woman needs to clean her back preferably two times a day, utilizing soap and fresh water. Apart from the soap, using baking soda can turn out to be a very efficient trick. It is good since it removes dead skin cells and accelerates the regeneration process of the skin. If these do not work, you can use tea tree oil. Apart from being totally harmless, this oil might bring you the effect you desire in removing acne from the back.

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