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Benefits of Soybeans as food

Soybeans are an all inclusive, low-starch type of food which are rich in nutrients, but have low levels of blood sugar, making them a primemeal for sufferers of diabetes. Their small starch levels also contribute toweight loss. They also lack the gas production that otherbeans possess due to fermentation.

Preparing Soybeans

Preparing soybeans first demands an overnight soaking. Thismust be pefrormed by throwing away any imperfect soybeans, and then rinsingthem in a sufficiently large container so they fill one third or less. Once thesaid container has been filled, the next step is pouring water inside andleaving it during the night. After this has been performed, there are many waysthese beans can be prepared. Pan cooking involves placing the pre-soaked beansand water into a pan, seasoning andfinally cooking over a low fire, boiling for four hours, with additions of waterif the need arises. To cook with a pressure cooker, it is advised to applywater and seasoning prior to cooking for 45 minutes, with 15 lbs pressure. Bakingthe beans is performed exactly as when pan cooking, but with a duration of 150minutes. Then the beans must be placed inside a baking dish, seasoned andcovered with liquid, before placing a lid on it. The beans should be baked fortwo hours with, and then 30 minutes without the lid. Roasting is performed byplacing the pre-dried beans and sautéeing them in small oil batches for 8to 10 minutes. The beans should then be drained on absorbent paper andsprinkled with onion, garlic or celery powder whilst warm. Dry roasting isperformed by soaking the beans overnight and then boiling them for an hourinside seasoned water. After this, the beans must be drained and spreadin a shallow pan. The final step is roasting the beans for a half hour inside an oven, and then placing vegetable seasoning on a warm dish. Chopped soybeans should be chopped first with a medium sized knife until they look similar to creamed corn. After adding seasoning and water, the beans should becooked for 20 minutes in a pressure cooker or a couple of hours in a normal dish.

To season the soybeans and different sorts of soybean dishes it is advised toutilize some items such as tomatoes, onions, vegeble broth, celery powder orsoy sauce.

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