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Are you trying to get pregnant? Your sex life probably revolves around your ovulation, now! What used to be your biggest connection has the risk of turning into a bit of a chore when you are trying for a baby. But, how often do you need to have intercourse to get pregnant?

Here are the two most common mistakes people make when they are trying to conceive, especially when they are familiar with the menstrual cycle and the approximate timing of ovulation:Focusing almost entirely on the so-called fertile window, having sex once a day or even several times per day those days, only to neglect their sex life afterward. Turning sex into a chore, and forgetting to enjoy each other.

Number one is bad, because having sex several times a day does a man's sperm count no favors at all. The semen becomes less concentrated, so that you essentially get "two for the price of one"! Neglecting to have sex during the rest of your cycle, meaning you leave long gaps from one ejaculation to the next, also harms sperm count. There have been quite a few studies about this topic, and they all agree have sex around two to three times a week, which coincides with both partners actually being in the mood for many couples.

Number two is bad not only because high stress levels will decrease your chances of getting pregnant, but also because you will get grumpy and irritated and your relationship will suffer. You may soon start to resent making love, and start to wonder why on earth you wanted to conceive a child with your other half in the first place.

How often should you have intercourse to get pregnant? It only takes one sperm to fertilize that egg on the right day, but it is best to have sex regularly when you feel like it, but also on your fertile days.

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