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There is no shortage of tips on getting pregnant anyone who is trying to conceive, thinking about it, or a parent knows that these tips and tricks are all around us. Whether it's books, the internet, friends, or doctors, the same (true and sound) advice is often repeated over and over again. Healthy living, knowing when you ovulate, and having regular intercourse are the key tips. What are the less basic, often forgotten tips that can make the difference between getting pregnant and not?

Did you know that certain forms of birth control can take a very long time to get out of your system? The very reasons that make injectable contraception appealing when you are trying to prevent pregnancy can make it difficult to conceive. Trying to conceive after depo Provera can be a struggle, because this contraceptive can sometimes be effective for much longer than three months. If you are hoping to get pregnant within the next year or even two, this may not be the right form of birth control for you. Don't get too focused on the technical aspects of getting pregnant. Make sure to enjoy your partner, your relationship, and your sex as well. Trying to get pregnant can sometimes put a strain on a relationship, especially if you both feel under pressure to conceive as soon as possible. Don't wait to see an OB/GYN until after you get pregnant. A preconception checkup can be very useful. If you have any preexisting medical or reproductive conditions, it is best to find out about them now. Also, discussing nutrition and prenatal vitamins with your doctor is a good idea. More sex does not equal more chances to get pregnant. This might be counter intuitive, but a man's sperm count can decrease if he ejaculates daily, and even more if he does so multiple times a day. Having sex once a day during the most fertile period is more than enough. During the rest of your cycle, just have intercourse when you both feel like it.

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