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Blueberries have widespread part in nutrition. They grow on shrubs, and belong to the same family of plants as cranberries and bilberries. Having in mind that blueberries are very poor in calories, they are used both in low-calories deserts and as a flavouring added to many products designed for weight losing. Eating of the blueberries in fresh form helps in strengthening of the immune system, as they have many benefits for health.

Calories found in blueberries

As already mentioned, the healthiest is to consummate blueberries in fresh form. That way, all healthy nutrients are kept, and therefore nutritional value is high. If they are in canned form, in heavy sugary syrups and with presence of preservatives, the nutritional value is lower, and calories are higher. Dried blueberries, also, keep their nutritional value, but are often sweetened with sugar In order to stay in same condition until they are sold. For example, one cup of fresh blueberries has 85 kcal, while one cup of blueberries canned in syrup has between 215 and 225 kcal (depending on the syrup). On the other hand, cup of sweetened, dried blueberries has 550 kcal. One cup of unsweetened frozen blueberries has 80 kcal, and 1 cup of sweetened frozen blueberries has 185 kcal.

Blueberries are good for our health

There exist a great number of benefits of this fruit for health, and we are going to introduce you to some of them. Firstly, this fruit represents rich source of vitamin C, and that helps in fortification of the immune system, which duty is to keep cold and flu away from us. Percentage of the vitamin C in one serving of blueberries is 25%., which is recommended daily dose for a human organism. Second very important characteristic of this fruit is that protects the brain. Blueberries reduce the harm stress can cause to our brain and, therefore, help in prevention of memory loss diseases such as Alzheimer and dementia. Other quality of this fruit is richness in dietary fibers, which make process of digestion easier and prevents constipation or diarrhea, and richness in antioxidants, whose main responsibility is to neutralize free radicals ( which damage cells’ structure). Also, scientist have discovered the good impact, this plant has toward the vision.

After introducing you with benefits of this fruit, you may conclude that the best way to consummate this fruit is in its fresh form, which will keep its nutritional value and, therefore, maintain our body healthy.

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