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EnergyComes With Dry Fruits

Allfruits are generally categorized according to their “fleshyness”, i.e. we havetwo distinct categories, on one hand there are the fresh and fleshy fruits, while onthe other are dry fruits. The criteria that put a fruit in the category numberone is the juiciness of the meso and exocarp, whereas that type of fruits that have waterless/dry meso and exocarp are put into the second category. Just asthe fresh fruit has numerous health benefits and advantages, so does the dryfruit. As a matter of fact, dry fruits have proven to be extremely rich inhealing properties, and are known to have absolutely no side effects whatsoever on a person’s overall health. In addition, this type of fruit is extremelyrich in nutrients, which makes it a great energy source.


Inorder to attain and maintain proper health, a person must adhere to certainprinciples of healthy nutrition and diet, do physical activities on a regularbasis, as well as maintain a healthy level of sexual activities. When it comesto dry fruit, the proven fact is that they are extremely rich in body essentialnutrients, and so in proper amounts. Other benefits include the following – dryfruit is easily digestible and is known to have the potential to purify theblood and cleanse the digestive tract. Dry fruits also abound in vitamins,enzymes and minerals.

DryFruit Winners

Amongthose found to be most health beneficial and nutritious are the following:

Raisins or, as we all know, the dry form of grapes. Raisins abound in nourishing and healthy properties and have in them just the right quantities of sugar needed to increase the overall value of the food. They are also effective in treating constipation and as a post-therapy for those people who have had the misfortune of discarding the kidney stones. Just soak them in water and leave there for 24 or 48h.Cashew Nuts are known to be superb sources of proteins and fibers, which are essential for the proper functioning of our body. Other substances that they are extremely rich in include such as mono-unsaturated fats (good for prevention of heart related issues), potassium, folates and B vitamins.Date is considered to be another extremely beneficial dry fruit, especially, because of its nutrient levels. It is recommended for building up the heart and extremely effective in warding off hangovers.Almond is one of the most nutrients-abundant dry fruits there is. Milk made of almonds is extremely rich in vitamins and is far more beneficial than the ordinary cow milk. In addition, it is more digestible than its counterpart, and is a best choice for those babies who find cow’s milk unsatisfactory to the taste. Also, the fats found in almonds (unsaturated ones) have proven to be extremely beneficial and have high medicinal values.

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