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About Human Growth

Human growth hormone determines the height of a person,according to our genes. People of average height or those blessed to be talldon’t consider the height to be an issue at all. However, people shorter thanaverage are sometimes faced with serious problems because of their height.

Growthhormone is responsible for the growth and development of the cells and organs inhuman body, including our bones and muscles. Until recently, scientists believed that human growth can’t beincreased simply by will. However, there are some books (and their authors), such as “Growing Taller Secrets” saying this is not the case. Diseasesin or accidents at some point of your life may have caused growth impairment,but many of short people are healthy and there is nothing wrong with them. Accordingto the mentioned book and because of the fact that nothing has affected theirgrowth, many people are claimed to be perfect candidates to grow taller.

Most of us are as tall as our parents or slightly higher andthis is considered to be normal. Men usually stop growing after the age of 25and women won’t be taller than they were at the age of 21. Continuous growth ispossible, so people can grow several inches even couple of years later in life,with the help of some exercises and proper dieting. They can grow taller for 2to 4 inches or more, just following the advices given in “Growing TallerSecrets”.

Can You Increase Growth Hormone?

There are two ways to increase the amount of growth hormonepresent in the body and both of these are un-natural.

Growth hormone-releasing products contain different amino acidsor some other substances, such as glutamine, arginine, glycine or niacin. Theseproducts are frequently used in bodybuilding or for the treatment of variousconditions in older people. This treatment is not recommended to be usedwithout medical supervision and children should avoid it because of possibleadverse effects it may cause.

Man-made growth hormone is another option to raise the levelof growth hormone. It must be taken as injections and these come with the pricetag of some $12k to 18k every year. These products can also cause sideeffects which may be either serious or extremely unpleasant. Additionally, once youstart using man made growth hormone, your body won’t make some on its own. The bodywill adapt to the drug and if you stop taking the injections it won’t producenatural growth hormone anymore.

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