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Tips for Height Increasing Supplements

On order to gain your desired height, you must use appropriate supplements but it would be best for you to consult some expert on that, because mixture of supplements, vitamins and minerals in appropriate dosages can be dangerous. Also it is important not to consume more that 2500 mg of calcium per day, because it is not safe.

You should also be careful about buying some of the well marketed height increase supplements, because they are often just multivitamins and nothing else. You should avoid calcium supplements if you have a kidneys stone or history of it. Also you should avoid taking vitamin C or iron supplements together with calcium because this combination can reduce the efficiency for all of supplements.

Do not use alcohol when you are taking supplements because it reduces the supplement effects. If you must drink alcohol, allow to 5 hours gap between drinking and taking supplements. Avoid drinking of soft drinks, lemonade or lemon juice; phosphorus in soft drinks, and lemon juice reduce the efficiency of supplements.

Supplements for Increase Height


Multivitamins are very important because as you grow and develop, your body may lose some of essential vitamins and minerals. You should try to have a daily intake of multi vitamins, bit you should make sure to follow all of the advices, recommendations or instructions regarding the proper usage of multivitamin supplements, in order for them to dissolve fully in your body.

If you can always use liquid form of multivitamin supplements, because the dissolve much more efficient in the body, and always take the supplements after the meal and with full glass of water.

Vitamin D is most important of all of vitamins for your growth process. It helps the body, bones and muscles to grow and get stronger, helps in process of calcium absorption. In the absence of vitamin D, calcium can not be absorbed properly and magnesium and phosphates as well.

Chrondroitin and Glucosamine

Glucosamine is essentially component in process of growth of cartilages, and it that process; it is often combined with other cartilage building stimulant Chrondroitin. Together these two supplements stimulate the growth of cartilage and keep them strong and healthy.


Calcium us essential for bone growth and together with protein it help bones to remain healthy and strong. Recommended dosages of mineral calcium per day depend of someone’s age. For small children up to age of 1-3 dosage is 500 mg per day, for 4-8 yrs. 800 mg, for 9-18 yrs. 1300 mg, for 19-50 1000 mg and for older people of 51 and more 1200 mg.

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