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Being tall

There is no parent in the world who does not wish for his child to be tall and healthy. In some cases parents want the height even more than health. The genes will determine the height of the child. However, genes are not the only thing that influences the height of the child. Not a lot of people are aware of the fact that the diet that the child will be consuming can affect his or her height quite a lot. There are ways a parent can improve the chances of his or her child being taller by simply introducing certain foods into his or her diet. Ways to increase the height of the child

When a woman is pregnant, she should consume more essential vitamins and minerals from various food sources. A mother should make sure that she gained at least 10 kilograms during the pregnancy.

An average one year old boy will be 76 centimeters tall, while an average girl will be one centimeter shorter. During the next 12 months a child should grow another 10 centimeters. Certain studies claim that when the child is two years old, the parent should be twice his size. Another big growth spur happens during the puberty years. For girls, that is between years 10 and 16 and for the boys puberty happens between the age of 12 and 18. During this period a child is expected to grow between 8 and 10 centimeters annually.

Proper nutrition is also important for the process of growing. A child needs to have enough energy during the years of his or her growth. However, parents need to be careful because too much food leads to obesity. On the other hand, a child must not receive too little of it because there is the danger of malnutrition. Parents need to know that there are four important parts of children’s meal. These are protein starch, fat and vegetables. Protein should provide 10-15% of total energy, while fat should contribute 10%. Starch is the biggest contributor with 60-65%. It is also important that the child consumes various foods and not just only one kind. Balanced diet is very important.

Vitamins and minerals are also very important factors in the process of growing. Drinking milk is very important. Vitamin A plays an important part in the height development but it also prevents the dryness of the eyes. This vitamin can be found in milk, eggs, fish and meat. Iron and zinc are also important in this process.

Apart from proper meals a child should participate in sports and be active. Enough sleeping hours is also important.

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