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A lot of people nowadays wish to change something about them. Some people wish to slimmer, others stronger and some want to be taller. A person who wishes to be taller needs to make some changes in the diet. Proteins, vitamins and minerals are important for the enhancement of the growth hormone. A lot of studies claim that vitamin A, zinc and protein introduce the best benefits for a person who wishes to better his or her height.

People need to know that they cannot consume only foods that contain these nutrients but a balanced diet is essential in order for the maintenance of the healthy physique. Not every person is the same and that is why people need to know that not every diet will have the same effect on everyone. However, before starting a diet, a person should consult his or her doctor or a dietitian. They will tell a person how much of these nutrients they should intake.

List of foods that increase height

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is not only good for the height enhancement but it also aids the proper function of eye development, immune system and even reproductive organs. This vitamin is also good for the skin. Orange-colored foods like carrots, sweet potato, cantaloupes, lime, red bell peppers and oranges contain a lot of vitamin A. Apart from these, a person can get this vitamin from certain fish like salmon and yolk, papaya leaf, kiwi and broccoli.


Protein is essential in the process of growth and repair in the body tissue, maintaining antibodies and regulating enzymes and hormones. Most people know that best protein sources are meat, fish, egg, milk, nut and fowl. A person should intake around 50 grams of protein daily.Vitamin D

In order for the bones to be healthy and strong a person needs to intake a lot of vitamin D. A person should consume such foods like egg yolk, fish and liver because they have a lot of vitamin D. This vitamin can also be obtained from ultraviolet radiation.

Soluble and insoluble fiber

Fiber is important because it speeds up the time that is needed for the food to travel through the large intestine. A proper amount of fiber in the system will reduce the absorption of toxic and carcinogenic substances. Wheat germ, cereals, rice, millet, barley and especially fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of fiber.


Not a lot of people are aware of the fact that the body needs more than 80 mineral for the growth of bones, nails, teeth, blood and nerves, among other things. The most important minerals for bone growth are calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium.

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