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The Miraculous Honey

Honey is known to be healthy and itsapplication for our benefit is wide and versatile. This incrediblyhealthy natural product has proven to show beautiful results in thefield of skin care as well. Namely, honey is known to do miracles forpeople who suffer from acne. This terrible skin condition can beeasily treated and removed by using honey, if you know how to use it,of course. This is why many acne products have honey as an ingredient.However, you need to be aware of one fact. Not everyone can benefitfrom honey. Acne is a complicated skin condition, depending onmany different factors which are known to cause them. Being such,each individual's acne may or may not react to honey treatment.Nevertheless, you are highly advised to try, since there are largechances that honey can be just the cure for your persistent acneproblem. The following lines will explain the practical usage ofhoney for these purposes and give you some additional informationregarding this subject.

Why Honey?

Honey is an antibacterial substance.This is why it is able to remove pimples and acne, which are,basically, caused by bacterial activities. Taking the fact that thereare many types of honey available into consideration, you might wantto try more than a single honey type on your skin, before achievingany stunning results. Honey made from some specific herbs or plantsmay have a higher antibacterial value, being more suitable for thesepurposes.

The Usage

The best form of honey to be used forthese purposes is when it is raw and without any ingredients. Onceprocessed and heated, honey loses its healing values significantly,resulting in a decrease of its effectiveness. Thus, you might want topurchase your honey from a natural farm. The rest is simple; you needto apply the honey on your face or other affected spots on thesurface of your skin, and leave it on for a while. Afterwards, youare to wash it off with lukewarm water. Note that effects will not beinstant. Rather, you need to be persistent in order to benefit fromthis method.

Alternatively, you might opt for makinga honey mask for acne. For this you will need a tablespoon of almondoil and two tablespoons of honey. Mix these two together and, throughmassaging your face, put the mask on. Leave it on for about half anhour. If your skin is oily and this presents a problem, you might addlemon juice to the mixture. After the treatment, wash your face withlukewarm water and dry it gently.

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