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Acne and Things which Can Deal With Them

Acne are one of the most persistent and mysterious conditions. Related to hormonal activities, these affect each person individually. This is the same with the possible treatment. Some methods and remedies might work for some while the same might not be efficient for others. Therefore, there are many possible treatments for this skin problem, trying to reduce the amount of existing acne, regenerate one's skin and prevent the appearance of other growths of this type, making one's face clear and beautiful. While many settle for cosmetic products designed for acne removal, some people, women, to be more precise, have solved their acne problems with birth control pills.

However strange it might sound, birth control pills are capable of reducing one's acne and stabilizing her face conditions. Additionally, or, more likely, initially, a woman is capable of controlling her period and make sure she does not get pregnant by the same product. Thus, birth control pills have a triple effect on some females. All you need to do is use low doses of these pills in order to get rid of pimples, zits and acne which seemed persistent and resistant to all those previous treatments you had tried against them in vain.

Birth Control Pills against Acne

Yasmin is the brand of birth control pills best for these purposes. Also, these are the brand mostly used for their initial purpose, thus, you are bound to get the best effect with both of these aspects. Still, before you actually start taking these pills, you should consult with your doctor, since there are many different complications which can possibly be triggered once you start using these regularly.

In fact, every doctor will probably recommend a normal acne treatment before opting for these alternatives. Moreover, before considering birth control pills as a hormone regulator against acne, your doctor will try normal hormone therapy for these purposes. Moreover, even though birth control pills may be a wonderful cure for some, others might suffer from many side-effects such as headaches, depression and libido decrease, cardiovascular problems, nausea and vomiting and breast tenderness. Of course, pregnant women should not take these pills under no circumstances. Finally, smokers, women with blood clots, cancer history or heart diseases should not use birth control pills at all, especially not for these purposes.

All in all, get well informed, consult your doctor and, only when you are absolutely sure you are safe and had already tried everything else, use birth control pills against acne.

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