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What Are Acne?

Acne stands for a persistent skin condition manifesting itself through numerous pimples piled up usually over the face, back or chest area. This condition is caused mostly by hormonal processes in one's body, therefore usually connected with adolescents or perhaps people undergoing some major hormonal changes later in life. Overactive hormones trigger excessive production of oil in one's system. This extra oil gets expelled through the pores. Being more than adequate for bacteria to live in, these parts of the skin then get infected, red, irritable and painful. Getting rid of acne is a hard and complicated process. Nevertheless, some methods have proven to be the most effective and long-lasting.

Laser Acne Removal Surgery

Many people decide upon this method when it comes to getting rid of acne. It is, in fact, very effective, though its effectiveness greatly depends on the dermatologist him or herself. What happens here is that the doctor uses laser beams in order to reach the core of the acne and remove it by the power of these amplified lights. The pores are cleaned and freed from anything that was clogging them beforehand causing this skin complication. Sometimes, in more serious cases, the process needs to be repeated in more sessions than one, in order for the dermatologist to completely remove acne from your skin.

There are cases when people get rid of acne by themselves or they disappear on their own leaving scars all over their faces. There is a laser surgery suitable for these purposes as well. This laser resurfacing is an excellent way of recovering skin and removing the unpleasant scars.

There are two different ways of laser resurfacing. Namely, one completely removes the scars and the outer skin layer, thus being more complicated while the other only reduces the scar area and requires usage of topical medications beforehand. Both ways being extremely effective, help people restore their looks before they ever had acne.

However, there are some risks to the procedure, nevertheless. People need to be examined and causes behind their acne need to be pinpointed in order to decide whether the surgery is the right choice or not. Also, either because of the poor quality of the laser or the poor skills of the dermatologist, the skin may be uneven after the surgery, leaving visible traces. Finally, there is the price since this aspect makes many incapable of even thinking about laser surgery at the first place.

Topical Acne Treatment

Although some cremes and lotions may help, acne are usually too persistent to be successfully treated this way. Most of the times the above mentioned treatments need to be combined with antibiotics, especially, if there is a significant inflammation taking place. Finally, hormonal treatment also presents a possibility. This approach aims at reducing testosterone or androgen levels from one's system in order to stop acne.

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