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and What They Cause

Worms are considered to be one of the fairly common culprits of various infections and inflammations that befall people, and do so on daily basis. Once this happens, the inflammation first strikes the tissue making reaction to various types of food more intensive than it is usually the case. As a direct consequence of this there may occur rather excessive rashes on the skin, followed by blisters and allergic reactions to food being consumed on every day basis.

Conditions to be blamed on worms

Anemia. Once found inside a person’s body, worms start absorbing nutrients found in that person’s body and, as a direct consequence of that, anemia occurs. There are also cases in which, due to an extremely great number of worms present, there comes to an increased blood loss or lack of proper levels and amounts of iron. These are also known to cause anemia.Diarrhea. This condition comes more like a solution to the problem, than a negative health condition, since this is one of numerous ways in which our body actually gets rid off the toxic substances and harmful entities.Constipation. Worms are also known to have the ability to hinder, otherwise, normal functioning of certain body organs, such as the liver, bile duct or colon. By clogging and hindering the mechanism of these organs, worms initiate constipation and numerous similar conditions.Gas and stomach bloating. There is a certain number of worms and parasites in general whose primary area of residence is the upper intestine. Their activity in this area is known to cause stomach inflation (i.e. bloating), as well as always unpleasant and least desired gasses.Fatigue. This is a fairly common indicator of the presence of worms in one’s body. Other symptoms include excessive tiredness, symptoms resembling those of influenza, depression and apathy and inability to concentrate well.Immune dysfunction. Yet another negative consequence of the presence of worms in a person’s body is their ability to cause irritation to a person’s immune system. As a direct consequence of this activity, there often occur nervousness and uneasiness, as well as intense anxiety.

Homeopathy offers relief and long term solutions to the problem

As is the case with many conditions and diseases, homeopathic remedies provide the solution and remedy for quick recuperation. Among the most frequently used and most beneficial are the following:

CinaSantonineTeucriumSpigeliaIgnatiaIndigoSabadillaStannumCalcareaCuprum oxydatum nigrum

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