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Sinuses and Natural Remedies – Homeopathy and Herbs

Given the fact that today, in western and western oriented societies, there is an increased usage of prescription drugs since they are the backbone of modern health industry, people tend to turn more to them for help than to natural remedies. Also, numerous benefits that enable a person to buy those medications at an even lower price than it actually is, unlike the case with natural remedies, make them only more “desirable” than their healthier counterparts. Even though the afore mentioned medications do aid effectively in warding off and fighting against numerous diseases and infections, when it comes to such conditions which are neither contagious nor do they cause most severe pain, but are more a nuisance that stubbornly refuses to leave one’s side, there just isn’t anything better and more effective than natural remedies. One of such conditions for which nature has better remedying solutions are sinus related problems, especially sinus infection. Another plus side of natural remedies is that they can be employed more frequently when there is a need to prevent a particular condition, unlike conventional medications which just cannot be employed all the time due to their side effects.


When it comes to successfully fighting off the sinus infection, as well as the chronic form of this condition, one of the most important things is to be extremely patient, because for this one it takes time.

VÄXA’s Sinus Formula. This novelty among homeopathic sinus remedies has been created in order to ease and alleviate chronic sinusitis and sinus related infections. It is in the form of a capsule, which consists of many substances that have the ability to drive away mucus secretions, which are infectious in nature. Among other benefits lie the ability to relieve sinus, eye and nasal pressure and also the ability to aid in diminishing the effects of balance related issues (e.g. vertigo). VÄXA’s Neti Pot is a homeopathic remedy that is to aid you in fighting off the sinus infections and most of all, it serve as an extremely effective nasal irrigation “tool”. VÄXA’s ReFlora. Since gut flora is also very important because it can aid a person in driving away the potential infections and bacteria, this remedy is highly recommended.


Many of the herbs we come across on a daily basis have the enormous potential to fight and ward off many bacteria, and also have many properties of an antibiotics, but only in a more natural and thus healthier form.

Steam Formula (decongestion and elimination of infections)

One and a half clove of garlic, two drops of tea tree oil, one quarter of a teaspoon of eucalyptus (source: vapor rub products), two drops of herb Pau D’arco

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