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Elevated Mucus Production

Various parts of the body can produce mucus, like nose, intestines, reproductive and urinary cells, etc. Mucus is much more that a runny nose; many major organs in the body may produce it. Usual function of the mucus in the body is to coat membranes and to prevent pollutants to enter the body. Except in cases when mucus production is elevated and becomes inflamed, mucus serves as frontline defense against foreign particles.

In cases, when everything is okay, mucus should be clear. In case mucus is green, it indicates a sinus infection, and if it is yellow, that means it could be infection somewhere in your body, and your body is fighting it. After a while yellow mucus should turn green, which means that body is still fighting an infection, or become clear, which means that everything is back to normal. White mucus is usually associated with drinking milk, and if swallowed, it may cause the upset stomach.

Body’s natural defenses mechanism are the best in fight against excessive amount of mucus. Unless fever occurs, body will successfully fight off the mucus. Also the color of mucus provides clues about what cause the excessive amount of it. In order to use any kind of therapy, you must first establish the cause.

Homeopathic Remedies for Mucus

Homoeopathic remedies are natural, non evasive and safe way to fight off the excess amount of mucus. Homeopathy have no side effects, but you should consult your doctor or homeopathic expert before starting to use any of homeopathic remedies for mucus, about instructions of choice of remedy, ways of use and dosage.

Homeopathic approach targeted cause of illness, and not just their symptoms. It treats patient and its body as a whole, and you can use specific remedy for your specific type of problems. In some cases, mixture of several homeopathic remedies may be useful. Same remedies that you use for mucus may also be used for treatment of some of the viral infections.

Belladonna is helpful in cases when mucus is white. In cases of red mucus you can use Merc and Phosphorus. When mucus is yellow phosphorus is recommended remedy, and if it patient is nauseous, then you should use Causticium or Antimonium Tart. Kali bichrome and Kali mur are used as a common treatment for mucus problems.

Effects of homeopathic remedies on your body should be to help dissolve extra amounts of phlegm and mucus from it. When you start to use your chosen homeopathic remedy, do not be alarmed if symptoms grew worse at first; this is normal, and over the time, extra mucus should disappear and your airways should be cleared.

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