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When you first hit your teenage years you will experience the horror of hormones sooner or later. This horror will last for the next thirty five to forty five years of your life. To have a hormonal imbalance can be very challenging for you and for those around you so have a look into options with the herbal remedies, homeopathy remedies and Ayurveda.

Herbs to Try for Hormonal Imbalances

If you are going through your menopause then perhaps you should look into trying a range of Ayurveda herbs called ashok, lodhra and shatavari. For men who are going through a hormonal imbalance called Andropause the recommendation would be to try shilajit, ashwagandha, saffron and kaunch beetj herbs. If your hormonal imbalance is due to your monthly menstruation then most experts will recommend to you cocculus, caulophyllum, helonias dioica and potentialla anserine herbs. However if you usually feel nervous and impatient and even if you have a touch of depression then you will more than likely get recommended to try using cimicifuga and Hypericum perforatum herbs.

Pregnancy imbalance

When a woman is pregnant she will go through a whole array of hormonal imbalances. A great idea will be to drink an evening primrose tea, also some experts will suggest you try herbs such as chamomilla, cocculus indicus, sulphur and nux vomica. It is important to consult your doctor fully prior to taking anything whilst you are carrying a child or breast feeding. Additionally you must go through your medical history like allergies with your doctor before taking any medication including natural herbs.


A German physician named Samuel Hahnemann created homeopathy in Germany in the year 1796. Now it is used worldwide and is still getting more and more popular as more people turn to it. It basically works by using the host’s body to heal itself, using the natural energy within one’s body. This will reinstate the natural balance. Initially you need to have a consultation and then they will provided the right homeopathic choice of plant and/or mineral for you individually. Most women these days would much rather use a natural solution because now women are more knowledgeable of the health effects of using medicines such as estrogen. Homeopathic practitioners will say that menopause is a natural phase comparable to puberty. They state that your body is powerful and smart enough to balance itself. But when it does not tsucceed in it hen you will see the signs such as hot flashes. Simply by releasing the energy channels you can encourage your body to heal itself and allow itself to go through this phase without the aid of HRT which is being proven via studies to cause a whole array of problems.

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