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Neuropathy is a nerve damage in the body and neuropathic pain feels like burning or numbing. The pain includes dull pain, sharp pain or overstrained muscle. To treat neuropathy means to treat underlying condition and handling the pain caused by neuropathy sometimes seems like the only solution. Such condition is degenerative, and it gets worse by time. There are common conditions that can cause neuropathy like malnutrition, diabetes, inherited genetic disorders, and exposures to toxins, carpal tunnel syndrome or HIV. But there are some neuropathies that have no familiar causes.

Some European physicians are treating neuropathy with Alpha Lipoic Acid, and ever since 1959 treatment shows positive results. But not all medical communities acknowledged this, even all treatment showed positive results. But Alpha Lipoic Acid in capsules is available at health food markets. It is supplement is effective dosed 1,200 to 1,800 mgs per day. ALA or alpha-lipoic acid is a fatty acid with sulphur in the human body. Each cell has it and serves as generator of energy. This process is important for turning glucose to energy. Also, it a strong antioxidants. In cases where the medications like levothyroxine are taken for thyroid, it is important to monitor blood levels. Also in cases with diabetics, insulin levels should be monitored as well, because alpha lipoic acid regulates blood sugar levels, reducing insulin levels may be necessary. And yet ALA is the best neuropathy remedy that can be found in nature. ALA needs 3 weeks to show improvements. Of course there are side effects of ALA such as skin rash, a drug interactions etc. Negative side effects may show if it is used with amikacin, cyclophosphamide, gentamicin and cisplatin.

Homeopathic Remedies

Most natural remedies need at least six weeks to be effective. And there are homeopathic remedies that can help but knowledge of symptoms is necessary to learn which remedy matches your situation. Homeopathic remedies are not to be taken during the meals, or having coffee or using mint toothpaste, because it can be ineffective:

Cantharsis is for the feet tingle or burn.Mag Phos stops cramping and muscle spasms. Aconite affects on tingling, burning, swelling or numbing of hands and feet.Fer Phos treats burning and pain in shoulder and swelling of hands. Hypericum suits neuralgia and toes, fingers or limb discomfort. Belladonna is treats sudden pain that come with redness of hips, back or thighs.

Other Neuropathic Remedies

Exercise light activity.Acupuncture suits pain as well. Taking vitamin B-6 can help a 100 mgs of B-6 per day in conjunction with a B vitamin complex. Magnesium in two doses of 800 mgs to calms nerves and system. Skullcap calms down entire nervous system, just fifteen drops of skullcap tincture in a glass of water three to six times a day all that it takes. Cayenne is an external treatment for neuropathic pain. St. John's Wort showed promising results for nerve pain.Harmonize Naturelle as the useful combination of essential oils, vitamin E and herbs to be massaged into the skin. Evening Primrose oil helps nerve damage and controls neuropathy.

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