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Neck pain is very common problem with lot of people, but fortunately it is not a serious one. Neck pain is often consequence of many hours in front of the computer or other activity when you maintain poor posture. Old age and arthritis can contribute to the neck pain problems.

But in rare cases that your symptoms of neck pain includes inability to touch your chest with your chin, loss of strength in your hands or arms, shooting pain down your arm or in your shoulder or change in your bowel or bladder habits, you should consult your doctor.

Homeopathic Remedies for Neck Pain

Homeopathy is excellent alternative treatment for various health issues, it is considered to be non evasive, safe, and without side effects. For instructions of what homeopathic remedy to choose for your neck pain, dosage and way of use, it would be best to consult with your doctor or homeopathic expert. Here are some of homeopathic remedies that you can use fro your neck pain problems.


This remedy is recommended for use in cases when your neck pain radiates out, and is similar to electric shock spreading into left arm. Feelings of pain and stiffness are also present when you pull your had backwards. Damp and cold conditions worsen the pain and warmth, pressure and rest relieve the symptoms.


This homeopathic remedy is recommended for use in cases when pressing neck pain is accompanied with heaviness and tenderness. Also pain may affect right arm, shoulder and the wrist. Touching or moving your arm makes the pain worse, and sometimes, when weather rapidly change, spine area can be affected, too. Appliance of warmth greatly reduces the pain. Gelsemium

Tenderness and soreness in the neck region together with persistent dull headache are indications for usage of this homeopathic remedy. Pain intensity may vary from time to time and patients are very weak and lethargic. Pain is relieved in cases when patients lie down with their head raised, and aggravated from cold and damp weather conditions.


Indications for usage of this remedy are muscle and tendons stiff contractions, and muscles on the neck are weakened. Patients can not turn their head to the right or have difficulty to bend backwards. Pain in the neck is very strong and accompanied with tearing and burning sensation. Movements aggravate the pain and heat exposure relieves the symptoms.


Stitching sensation which spread towards shoulders and pain in the neck region are indications for usage of Bryonia. Swelling and feelings of hot in the shoulders are also present, and movements enhance the pain while relaxation of shoulder and neck regions brings the relief from symptoms.

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