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Eczema is a chronic skin condition characterized by the irritation, rash and itching. It usually appears on the insides of knees and elbows, upper arms, on the cheeks or eyelids, and sometimes on the scalp and wrists.

Homeopathic Solutions for Eczema

Homeopathic remedies are meant to treat the deeper causes of eczema, as well as the symptoms. There are no scientific proofs that homeopathy really cures the condition, but many patients have found it helpful.

Antimonium crudum patients have thick, cracked skin. Itching is worse when exposed to warmth and sunlight. These people may suffer from digestion problems, but love to eat and have weight issues. Emotionally, they are sensitive people, and children might be really shy.Arsenicum album is used to treat dry and very itchy skin. Trying to scratch the affected areas doesn’t relieve but worsen the condition. It is used for anxious and extremely neat people that might experience digestion problems and abdominal pain.Arum tryphyllum is proven efficient for eczema affecting mouth, chin and lips. Usually, patients that are treated with arum have voice and throat problems.Calcarea carbonica patients often experience eczema worsening during winter months. Their feet and hands are sweaty and they get easily overworked and tired. Sometimes, these patients have weight problems and crave for sweets and eggs.Calendula is useful for eczema that got infected. It can be used as the lotion, cream or tincture to ease the symptoms of this disorder.Graphites patients have many skin problems. The most affected areas with eczema are the ears and the mouth and hands. Warmth worsens the itching so much that a patient might bleed from scratching it.Hepar sulphuris calcareum is proven helpful to eczema that easily get infected. Skin of these patients looks deeply affected and it takes time to heal. Psychologically, these people are sensitive and bad-tempered, and usually get easily ill.Mezereum patients experience intense anxiety. Eczema starts as blisters, which form crusts and thicken the skin. Open air and cold can improve the symptoms.Rhus toxicodendron patients are anxious and easily irritated. Warmth and movements are good for these people, and they tend to crave cold milk.Petroleum is used in cases when the affected skin gets very dry and cracks on palms and fingertips. Itching is worse at night and in warm, and it could get tough from chronic inflammation and possible infections.Sulphur is recommended for red crusted skin, which itches and burns extremely. The symptoms are much worse after bathing and in warm surrounding. Sulphur is also used in patients who tried many other medications and nothing has improved the condition of their skin.

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