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Homeopathic Treatment

When a person suffering from tinnitus visits a homeopathic practitioner,looking for a cure for his/her problem he/she might not expect to answer somany questions. However, homeopaths use all the information they gather duringthe interview to find the remedy suitable for you. Homeopathy is not focusedon dealing with the symptoms of the medical problems, but rather strives tocure the person as the whole. Your health habits and especially dietary habitswill certainly be one of the questions, but also your energy level during theday, sleeping pattern and possible problems in that area or even dreaming. Variousother questions, no matter how irrelevant they might seem to you, will helpyour homeopathic practitioner to find the cause of tinnitus and treat it withhomeopathic remedies.

Tinnitus Cures

Carbo vegetabilis, usually shortened as Carbo veg. is one ofthe homeopathic remedies you could be prescribed with if you suffer fromtinnitus. It is said to be very beneficial for tinnitus patients who also haveproblems with nausea and vertigo. Since the homeopath will address your physicalcondition as well, he or she may recommend using this remedy if you seem to him/her assomeone longing for fresh air or have a cold and clammy feeling.

Cimicifuga is for patients suffering from tinnitus associatedwith back pains, or for women suffering from tinnitus and headaches ordifferent menstrual problems.

Kali carbonicum or Kali carb. is useful for ringing, crackingor roaring sounds in the ears. Patients suffering from vertigo and tinnitus canbenefit from this remedy.

Lycopodium is the cure for low volume humming sounds in bothears, and these patients might experience smelly discharge as well.

Coffea cruda is recommended when a person experience tinnitusbecause of nervousness, or when the sound can be heard as if coming fromthe back of the head.

Natrium salicycum is for people suffering from tinnitus inboth ears which hear low and humming sounds. It can also be used if someonetook too much of Aspirin or some other drug and experience ringing in the earsfor that reason. Patients suffering from Meniere’s disease can also beprescribed Natrium salicycum.

Cinchona officinalis or China is especially beneficial fortinnitus patients with increased sensitivity to surrounding sounds. Some ofthese people might be getting tired very quickly or be extremely sweaty.

Chinium sulphuricum is yet another cure for patients who areexperiencing both tinnitus and vertigo.

Calcarea carbonica or Calcarea carb. is homeopathic remedyfor cracking and pulsing sounds in the ears which could affect the listening ofall other sounds.

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