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Canker sores

Canker sores are very painful and they can really disturb your eating, talking and even sleeping habits. They usually have to do with having a deficiency in some nutrient or they have been associated with allergies and stress. There are some great homeopathic remedies that you can try which will alleviate the pain and help bring down the swelling. All the medicine, homeopathic or not can cause side effects. This cannot be prevented because people's bodies are different and react differently. It is important to read all the labels carefully and thoroughly before using the product. You should always talk to your practitioner about a new remedy that you want to try, before you have tried it and they will give you the best medical advice. Obviously, if you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding you need to be extra careful.

Arsenicum album and Borax

If you are the type of a person that gets the mouth sores that are burning, thus making you feel tired, you may profit from using Arsenicum album. Also if you regularly have bleeding gums and you are a rather tense person then, you should consider trying this remedy. Borax is great for you if your mouth sore is sensitive and has a hot feeling to it. If you find that you have sores on the sides of your mouth or even on your tongue then you should also try borax.Calcarea carbonica and Hepar sulphuris calcareum

Calcarea carbonica is great for children who suffer from canker sores in their mouths. This remedy is recommended to children that more slowly learn certain skills like walking. If you get an infection from the canker sore in your mouth then try using Hepar sulphuris calcareum. You will find that this remedy suits you if you tend to be vulnerable, and oversensitive in your personality.Mercurius solubilis and Natrum muriaticum

This remedy is great if you tend to have smelly breath as well as a coating over your swollen tongue coupled with gums that are bleeding when you have canker sores in your mouth. It will be great for you if you find that the sores are causing you more pain at night while trying to sleep. Natrum muriaticum is a great remedy if you find that your mouth sores tend to explode in your mouth and if you experience a tingling sensation on your tongue. The type of a person that this remedy is recommended to usually suffers from cold sores as well.

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