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Erectile dysfunction, formerly referred to as impotence, is a situation in which a man is unable to keep his penis erect until the completion of sexual intercourse.
It affects men of all ages, from as early as 10 to 20 years old, and the likelihood of its development usually increases with age. Homeopathy deals with this problem by considering the root causes of the erectile dysfunction, and it treats the patient with medications made from natural substances. By doing so, it avoids the possible side effects produced by ordinary pharmaceutical medications.
Homeopathy is a system of treatment relying on an extreme individualization of approaches. One must have the exact information about their lifestyle, medical history, constitution and current symptoms to be able to find the correct remedy.
The cause of erectile dysfunction can be of a psychological or physical nature. Psychological factors generally relate to sex, stressful work and home situations, troubled partner relationships, as well as feelings of inadequacy.
Performance anxiety also sometimes relates to sexual performance. These situations should be discussed with a physician. Many different disorders and conditions can produce erectile dysfunction, but the most common ones include high blood pressure, vascular diseases, diabetes, prostate cancer and high levels of cholesterol.
Some medications can also develop erectile dysfunction as a side effect. Usually those medications are used to treat various psychological illnesses, high blood pressure and cholesterol, prostate cancer, and depression. Consumption of marijuana and cocaine can also lead to erectile dysfunction.
Homeopathic treatment solves the problem by using a substance that might have even caused some symptoms.
However, in small amounts, diluted many times in a proper way, these substances become a powerful remedy. It actually works as some sort of natural vaccination by producing certain antibodies.
The homeopathic remedy treats the root cause based on the exact symptoms and triggering natural responses to the substance. This makes it safer than pharmaceutical products because it does not carry any unwanted side effects. Although homeopathic remedies require more doses and longer use than traditional products, the results last longer and affect the body on a much deeper level.
Asian ginseng increases the libido and maintains a healthy erection. Catuba bark improves erectile functions and acts as an aphrodisiac as well, thus keeping the overall sexual health in good shape. Ginkgo biloba extract increases the blood flow to the penis in order to treat the erectile dysfunction properly.
Withana somnifera dilates blood vessels, increases libido and restores overall sexual health, so this makes it another good remedy for erectile dysfunction. Yohimbine also dilates blood vessels, so the actual cause of erectile dysfunction is not that important in this kind of treatment. It is also one of the rare homeopathic remedies which may produce certain side effects and therefore should be taken under a physician’s supervision.

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